Class 1 Spring Term 

Up. up and away!

Welcome to a new term. Our school topic for this term is entitled Up, up and away! We will be exploring flight in all its different forms- flying creatures, both real and imaginary, flying machines, gadgets and toys. 

Topic Day!

A big thank you to all the parents for providing such wonderful costumes for Topic Day! We had a very exciting time, with a simulated flight to Barbados and then interesting activites throughout the day. Please see more photos under Parental Information/Up, Up and away topic. 

Our hot air balloon role play area!

We have a wonderful hot air balloon in our role play area, buillt not by the Montgolfier brothers, but by Mrs. Crisp, Miss. Smith and Mrs. Eathorne. We have a travel agents desk where we can show our tickets and passports, and dressing up clothes and picnic food to prepare ourselves for the journey. 

Investigating hot air balloons

We had an exciting time investigating how warm air expands. We placed a balloon over the neck of a bottle and put in a bowl of very hot water and then very cold water. When it was in the hot water, the balloon filled with air. When it was in cold water, it deflated and went floppy. We had great fun swapping it back and forth. Gradually, the balloon took longer to inflate in the hot water and we worked out it must be because the water was cooling. Interestingly, it deflated just as quickly in the cold water.

"Up, up and away!" topic homework

The children are very excited about our new topic and are bringing in lots of objects from home, linked to the theme of flight. Drawing hot air balloons is the current favourite, but we have also seen paper aeroplanes, a hot air balloon model, story books and a wonderful balancing bird! We are looking forward to the Topic Homework grid.